• Reputation Management and Online Reputation Repair Services from Jupiter SEO
    "Reputation is an idle and
    most false imposition;
    oft got without merit,
    and lost without deserving."
    -William Shakespeare

Reputation Management
Raise Your reputation and increase sales

Keeping your good reputation with Jupiter SEO

It can take a lifetime to build a good reputation for you and your business and it can be lost in seconds because of a single negative post or some harmful feedback left by a disgruntled client or even a competitor! Misleading, negative or inaccurate content appearing in your top Google results makes a bad impression on people searching for you. The only person who can delete the content is the person who created it or posted it originally on the web; but Jupiter SEO & Web Design can make it effectively go away.

Handling Negative Content

The Important of a good reputation

Google, Bing and Yahoo are so good that you can usually find what you are looking for in the first three search results over 77% of the time. More importantly, nearly 90% of people don't even bother to look past the first page. Therefore, if we are able to move this negative content to the third page or even lower it may as well not exist.

Jupiter SEO is able to place good, positive content and get it to rank highly in your search engine results. Eventually, this positive content will replace the negative content and bump it out of first page search engine results.

This approach also prevents future negative content from appearing where people will see it. So don't wait! The longer people are able to see personal attacks on you or your business, police reports, bankruptcy filings or any negative content in your top search results, the more damage it does to your character or company. You need to take back control of your search results now.

Importance of Online Reputation

online reputation management

Latest polls say nearly 80% of U.S. citizens believe it is very important to look up information about people on the internet before interacting with them, whether it be personal or business related. When people Google your name or your company's, they so often take the results at face value and judge you on that info, even if it’s untrue (or about someone else with the same name). The longer a bad comment or link appears in the search results, the more people are going to see.

The ease of the internet and posting blogs or remarks is not only your best friend but also your worst enemy. Jupiter SEO & Web Design can help you put things right and help keep them that way.