Magento E-commerce Development, Design, and Custom Solutions

Community-Driven Open-Source Cart Software

Jupiter-SEO Magento Ecommerce SolutionMagento is an open-source cart software that has more feature and functionality than almost every other ecommerce cart solution out there. In other words, the best cart software is available FREE to use without paying annual licensing fees.

Magento Custom Design & Programming

Jupiter SEO can offer custom programming to allow Magento to look and act exactly the way you would like for it to. We have several years of experience using Magento and custom extensions are not a problem for our development team.

Professional Magento Extensions Programmed Properly

Let Jupiter-SEO program custom extensions for your Magento E-commerce store. We have programmed many custom extensions and we'll be happy to package it up and install it for you.

Magento's ability to be immune to upgrading is a one of it's excellent features, but unless custom work is done properly then this feature is useless.

Front-End Website Design

Website design and implementation for Magento is rather difficult for the inexperienced user trying to customize it's look and feel. We can design your cart layout to your specifications and then create the template for perfect integration with Magento.

Magento Templates Using Your Design

If you are a web-designer who has already created the ultimate layout for an e-commerce website, then we can effectively cut up your design and create the template to easily plug right into the latest version of Magento. Just send us the source design photoshop file and we'll send you back the files necessary to simply 'plug-n-play' your template. Jupiter-SEO's Magento team will even convert image gradients, where applicable, to take advantage of the latest technology using CSS3 gradients which can drastically reduce the loading time of a website.

Magento Maintenance

Is Magento Running Slow?

We'll speed it up for you and explain how to perform basic maintenance for Magento in order to ensure maximum speed and efficiency.

Transfer / Duplicate Magento

If you would like to host your Magento Ecommerce site with a difference service provider, we can help you transfer your website with minimal, if any, down-time. Jupiter-SEO can offer top-quality fast hosting at Rackspace where we can simply manage, monitor, and maintain your Magento Store from our Rackspace-hosted Servers.

Full Magento Backup

Jupiter-SEO will monitor your website and perform proper back-ups of your Magento installation as well as the database. In the unfortunate event of requiring the use of a back-up, we can easily restore your Magento installation for you.

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