Hiring Jupiter-SEO To Improve Search Engine Rankings

"What do we do next?"

Once we have entered into a joint venture with you, we will study and evaluate your current placement. Our SEO experts at Jupiter SEO will conduct a thorough diagnostic check on your existing ecommerce website, if you have one. If you don’t (and it's ok if you don't), we can build you one. We will research your industry and seek out its market value and the overall performance of key players and competitors in your industry. We decide upon a list of key phrases or keywords we shall use with your website. Once we have thoroughly researched your industry sector we will send you a diagnostic report which will detail where you are now and where we will help you go.

Then comes the first part of Search Engine Optimization. If we are building you a new website or remodeling your old one, we will start optimizing it for the senior search engines as we build. We will be working on the areas we highlighted in the diagnostic report and other areas we know make a difference when your site is crawled by a search engine spider.

Site SEO Checklist

Work included in our search engine optimization includes:

Proper Code Formatting & Link Cleansing

To ensure that your website code is read easily by the search engine spiders, we will check, and if required, remedy the structure of the website. We shall also check that there are no internal or external broken links, look for outdated or just bad design techniques, and check for any immaterial page or URL naming.

Image Description

We will check for any coding on images that you may have throughout your site and add or edit it. This provides further detail of an image to facilitate and improve the web page access for people with a range of disabilities while making it search engine spider friendly.

SEO-Effective Title Tag & Meta Tag Updates

We will insert the chosen keywords/phrases onto your website pages. In doing so, it will maximize the chances of gaining improved page ranking for your website with the major search engines.

XML Site Map Creation

We will design a site map of your website and submit it for validation to the major search engines. Sitemaps are a way for webmasters to advise search engines that pages on their web sites are available for crawling. A Sitemap is an XML file that gives a list of URLs for your site as well as additional metadata about each URL such as when it was the last updated, how often it gets changed, and where it sits relative to the other URLs in the site. This enables search engines to crawl your site more intelligently.

Keyword-Rich Content Writing

Jupiter SEO will create keyword-rich content for the site which we will have gained mostly from copy supplied by you. This will be used in a way that will make it both search engine friendly and user friendly. We will study the content given by you, do some further research, and then enhance it to provide you with content that is easily viewed by search engines and is of interest to any prospective clients.

Industry Specific Directories

Jupiter SEO's team will look for bona fide industry specific directories and submit your details so we can increase the number of inbound links from quality sites.

Search Engine Submission

We will create a site map XML feed, and apply the required submissions of new pages to all search engines.

Ongoing Professional SEO Consultancy

Our SEO experts will continually monitor the performance of your website with all the major search engines. Where necessary, we will suggest subtle changes that will aid your visibility.

Regular SEO Ranking Reports

The guys at Jupiter SEO love to talk! Not only will we be sending you over reports of how your key phrases/words are now ranking but we will call you and ask how YOU think things are going.

Secret SEO Techniques - Magic Stuff

This we can't tell you... because then it wouldn't be a secret.