SEO Glossary

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Link Checker Definition: Is a tool used to check for broken hyperlinks in a website. Link checking is one aspect of site management -- the regular maintenance necessary to keep a site up-to-date. A "broken hyperlink" is one that does not correctly point to the intended destination or page. The most frequent circumstances involves a hyperlink "breaking" when the destination page has been deleted or maybe moved to another position within the site. Basic link checking involves testing for "404 - File Not Found" responses. Link checkers can also test for slow loading pages, noting pages that fail to respond within a reasonable time limit. A great Free tool can be found here .While link checking tools do away with a considerable amount of work, they cannot completely eliminate the need for human intervention as you may still get a valid response from a page where the content has changed drastically or the domain may have expired.

Link Exchange Definition: A link exchange is a Quid Pro Quo link exchange between two sites. Reciprocal links usually lead to the home page of the associate site.

Link Farm Definition: A link farm is a webpage or group of web pages that exist solely to increase the number of Backlinks in a site's link network. A link farm is meant to increase a site's PageRank or popularity and thus improve its search engine Position. However, link farms are considered to be a form of Spam and sites that rely on them are usually punished by search engines.

Link Popularity Definition: Link popularity is the evaluation of how popular a webpage is by the number of Backlinks it has. Bear in mind that link popularity is not solely a matter of quantity. Page Rank is achieved when Backlinks are located from reputable, relevant sites rather than so called Link Farms. Most search engines use link popularity as a factor in their Algorithmic Results.

Link Text Definition: Also known as anchor text, link text is the visible, clickable text between the HTML anchor tags. Clicking on link text activates a Hyperlink to another web site. Link text is very important in Search Engine Optimization because search engine algorithms consider the hyperlink keywords as relevant to the Landing Page.

Listings Definition: Listings are the indexed sites that appear in ranked order on a Search Engine Results Page in response to a user query.

Local Search Definition: Local search refers to both the addition of geographical keywords (cities, streets, etc.) to Search Terms and the use of Yellow Pages type Search Engines to find business services in a given zip code. Search Engine Placement Services use local SEO to help traditional "brick and mortar businesses" connect with customers in their community.

Marketing Analytics Definition: Marketing Analytics is a branch of analytics concerned specifically with marketing related data that has been derived from organic as well as paid search engine traffic, i.e. Unique Visitors, keyword-generated sales, Cost Per Click advertising, Click Fraud and Search Engine Marketing.

Meta Description Tag Definition: Also known as a description Tag, a meta description tag is a short HTML paragraph that provides search engines with a description of a page's content for search engine Index purposes. The Meta description tag is not displayed on the website itself, and may or may not be displayed in the search engine's listing for that site. Search engines are now giving less importance to Meta description tags in preference to actual page content.

Meta Keywords Tag Definition: A Meta keywords tag provides search engines with a list of keywords that are relevant to a webpage. This can improve search engine Rank for a page by ensuring it's properly indexed. However, search engines are now giving less importance to Meta keywords tags in preference of actual page content so their importance has dropped somewhat.