SEO Glossary

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Impression Definition: Also known as a page view, an impression is the single occurrence of an online advertisement being displayed. Search engines and ad networks use impression information to charge advertisers on a Cost-Per-Thousand (CPM) basis.

Internet Marketing Definition: On a fundamental level, Internet marketing is using the Internet to advertise, communicate and sell goods and services. On an advanced level, Internet marketing is known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which is the use of targeted keywords, crawler friendly site architecture, site map ,Search Engine Submissions and a well developed link network help improve a site's Position, Page Rank and its Click Through Rate.

Internet Marketing Consultant Definition: Also known as Search engine optimizers or SEO specialists, Internet marketing consultants use their knowledge of Search Engine Optimization Strategy to improve their clients' Position and Page Rank.

Keyword Definition: Also known as search terms or query terms, keywords are the word(s) or phrase(s) a user enters into a search engine's query box.The Search Engine Results Page (SERP)then ranks indexed sites according to how relevant the Search Engine deems them to the searched keywords. One of the most important SEO Strategies companies can employ is to optimize their site pages with grammatically correct content that contains the targeted keywords which are relevant to their particular products or industry.

Keyword Marketing Definition: Keyword marketing is the use of keyword optimized content and keyword specific Link Text to emphasize a site's relevancy to those terms and thereby increase Rank for related web queries. Keyword marketing can also be done through keyword based ad programs such as Google AdSense. Keyword marketing is an essential component of Search Engine Optimization.

Keyword Submission Definition: Keyword submission is an all-inclusive term for the keyword research/selection, bid cost assessment and budgeting that companies undertake to begin Pay-Per-Click keyword campaigns with advertising networks such as Google AdWords, Yahoo! Sponsored Search and Microsoft AdCenter. In reality keyword submission is not required anymore as the search engines will find you straightaway anyway.

Landing Page Definition: The landing page is the page on which a visitor will land after clicking a search engine's listing, email link, Banner Ad or a Cost Per Click advert. The landing page can be a site's homepage, but is more likely to be a page designed to appeal to users who Click Through a specific ad or link. Landing pages are also used to monitor a site's traffic or measure an advertising campaign's success. A well designed landing page that is relevant to a user's keyword query will improve the site's Conversion Rates and play a significant role in Search Engine Marketing.

Like gate Definition: A virtual barrier requiring the user to "Like" a brand's Facebook page before they can gain access to certain content from that brand i.e. downloading an industry white paper they have produced is only permitted after you "Like" them.

Link Definition: Links were also known as hyperlinks or an HTML link, a link can be an image or portion of text that when clicked on by a user opens another web page or jumps to a different position of the current page. Inbound Links with keyword relevant Link Text are an important part of Search Engine Optimization Strategy.

Link Baiting Definition: Link baiting is the creation of content that incites users to link to your page from another website. The types of link bait vary tremendously, but they should include informative articles or news stories or useful resources. Link baiting is a White Hat SEO practice that is used to help a site improve its Link Popularity and Page Rank.