SEO Glossary

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Google AdSense Definition: Google AdSense is the market leading program operated by Google that provides relevant text, images, and video-based advertisements to site owners. An advertisers would register at Google AdWords and then pay for ads on a Pay Per Click, Cost Per Thousand or Cost Per Action basis. This revenue is shared with Google AdSense host sites, normally on a PPC basis (which has been known to lead to Click Fraud). Google then uses its search Algorithms and Contextual Link Inventory to provide what it believes to be the most appropriate ads based on site content, query relevancy, page ranking and other factors the Algorithm uses to find results.

Google AdWords Definition: Google AdWords is a Keyword Submission program that works out the advertising rates for keywords and phrases used in the Google AdSense program, the pricing usually depends on the competition and reward for that particular phrase or keyword . Advertisers will bid on their keywords which are relevant to their businesses. Ranked ads then appear as sponsored links on Google Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS) and any Google AdSense host sites.

Graphical Search Inventory (GSI) Definition: Graphical Search Inventory is the visual equivalent of Contextual Link Inventory. GSI is non text based advertising usually banner ads, those annoying pop up ads, browser toolbars, animation, sounds and video and other media that corresponds to relevant Keyword queries.

Gray Hat SEO Definition: Gray hat SEO refers to Search Engine Optimization strategies that fall in between Black Hat SEO and White Hat SEO. Gray hat SEO techniques can be ethical in some cases and unethical in others. Techniques can include but not limited to:-Doorway Pages or Gateway Pages, Cloaking and duplicate content.

Hidden Text Definition: Hidden text is the generally obsolete form of Black Hat SEO in where pages are filled with a large amount of text that is the same color as the background of the page, rendering the keywords invisible to the human eye but noticeable to a search engine Crawler. Multiple Title Tags or HTML comments are also a type of hidden text. Hidden text is so easily detectable by search engines that the practice has really dried up.

Hit Definition: A hit is the measure of traffic to a web site. One hit is recorded for each file request in a web server's access log. If a user visits a page with four images, one hit will be recorded for each graphic image file plus another for the page's HTML file. As you can see this can lead to misinformation so a better measure of traffic volume is the number of pages/HTML files accessed.

HTML Definition: The acronym HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language, the authoring language used to create pages on the World Wide Web. HTML is a set of codes or HTML tags that provide a web browser with directions on how to structure a web page's information and features.

Hyperlink Definition: Also known as link or HTML link, a hyperlink is an image or portion of text that when clicked on by a user opens another web page or jumps the browser to a different portion of the current page. Inbound Links with keyword-relevant Link Text are an important part of Search Engine Optimization Strategy.

Index Definition: An index is a Search Engine's database. It contains all of the information that a Crawler has identified, particularly copies of WWW pages. When a user performs a query the search engine uses its indexed pages and Algorithm set to provide a list of the most relevant pages. In the case of a Directory, the index includes the titles and summaries of registered sites that have been categorized by the directory's editors.

Inbound Links Definition: Also known as back link, backward link, or backlinks, inbound links are all of the links on other websites that direct the users who click on them toward your site. Inbound links can considerably improve your site's search rankings, particularly if they contain Anchor Text keywords relevant to your site and are located on sites with high Page Rank. It is best to provide the code to the sites who are linking to you to stop any erroneous code and helping the user to arrive at the correct destination .