SEO Tips, Tricks and Advice To Increase Organic Traffic

Mar 11, 2012

Basic Website SEO Tips: SEO Essentials

SEO essentials are what you should do at the minimum to increase organic traffic and get your website known to search engines.

Create Sitemap For Google Webmaster Tools Sitemap Submission

While sitemap generation is not 100% necessary to get your website indexed among search engines, it is a much faster and thorough way to get organic traffic flowing.

Sitemap Generation

SEO Tip #1 in my opinion is to get a sitemap generated and let search engines, google at the least, know about all your website pages. There are sitemap generating websites that will allow you to generate a sitemap to download and upload onto your website. I recommend sitemap.xml as the name of your sitemap file. I also suggest that you place the file in your website's root directory. When you visit -- you should be able to see the sitemap.xml file.

Google Webmaster Tools

If you haven't signed up for Google's webmaster tools yet, then do that now. is webmaster tools link (opens in a new window). Simply click "add a site" and the rest is fairly simple. When you need to verify your site, if you already have google analytics installed, then select that option to verify, otherwise choose one of the other alternatives.

Website Sitemap Submission

Finally, once you have your website set up in google webmaster tools you can finish off this SEO Tip by selecting sitemaps under site configuration, then click ADD/Test Sitemap. In the pop-up add sitemap box, you should be able to just type in sitemap.xml and click submit sitemap.

Yahoo, Bing, among many other search engines also accept sitemap submissions. Yahoo and Bing each have their own version of webmaster tools, so just do a little searching for them, and you will find them. There are some websites that will automatically submit your sitemap to over XX number of search engines. These websites may be useful, but I personally feel that this is not a substitute for setting up a webmaster tools account and submitting the sitemap yourself. There are many other tools and useful reporting data within webmaster tools that you will be missing out on should you be too lazy or ignorant to make the effort.

Title Tag: Easiest SEO Tip

A Website Title Tag may be the most simple and effective SEO Tip possible. If you navigate to your homepage, and the upper-left hand corner of your browser says "Joomla -..", " .. Wordpress .." or "Home Page" - then unless your site is still in a work in progress, seek an alternative web developer NOW! There should be no second chances with a mistake like that.

Besides a homepage title tag that is useless, another one of the most ridiculous website mistakes is to have a webpage containing five-star content, with a repeated "generic" title tag and meta-description. You may be better off leaving out the title tag and meta-description simply because google will find content on the page to use in place of it. Your five-star content will not be read by anyone, if it says something that has nothing to do with the content. You may be indexed really well for the topic of the content, but the title tag and meta-description is what google lists for your webpage within search results. People won't click to read your ground-breaking SEO article if the search engine result title says "Web Design, Hosting, and Friendly Service!"

Meta Description

Briefly mentioned in the title tag bit above, we'll touch on the meta description of a webpage. This is fairly important because it is what google, among other search engines, as a website's description within search engine result pages. You can find out what your meta descriptions are for your indexed pages simply by typing "" into a google search box. The reason I recommend a google search to find out what your meta descriptions are, is because sometimes web-designers have no clue what they are doing when they are building out a website and may create an improperly structured meta description tag which ends up being ignored or bypassed by search engines. Simply add the following into your webpage to create a meta-description:

< meta name="description" content="SEO Organic Traffic Tips and Tricks 2012">

Advanced SEO Tips

More advanced SEO Tips have to do with the way the website was designed, the loading speed of the website, where it is being hosted, how long the domain has been registered for, proper html structure, etc... We will be posting an article with some good web design and development SEO tips soon.