Getting What You Pay For - Has Your Website Been Designed and Developed Correctly?

Feb 28, 2012

Bad Website Design

As we all know, there are some really bad websites out there. However there are many different types of bad websites. We'll focus on two bad website types for now. There is the bad website that is only bad because it was programmed 10 years ago and then there is the bad website that was not programmed, but created yesterday. The primary difference between the two is that the one created yesterday LOOKS much better than the other, but is actually programmed extremely poorly and may even be WORSE than the 10-year old site.

Cheap Websites are CHEAP Websites.

If you are not concerned about Organic Search Engine Traffic coming to your site, then you can have your cheap website and eat it too. Search Engines are pretty smart, but not smart enough to effectively pick through a complete hack-job to find the actual content in order to rank your site high up on search engine result pages. In most cases, it is safe to say that the value of a well-built website that is found on Google's first page for a decent keyword is significantly more than the cost of the website.

The Value of The Cheap Bad Website

The value of a bad website that is practically hidden from the world is effectively only as valuable as you see it. Why? Because you are the only one that sees it. So if you like it, then enjoy it, but don't expect it to do much more than stare back at you. The best website in the world in terms of looks, doesn't look good if no one sees it.

How To Tell If Your Website Sucks

There are several ways to tell if your website is really garbage or is an effective marketing tool responsible for the bulk your business sales.

Online Sales Up? Phone Ringing?

A bad website doesn't generate much traffic, if any. After a couple months since the launch of your 'NEW' website, if your phone hasn't been ringing anymore than it was, and your sales have not increased at all, then all you have is a monthly fee for a waste of space. This doesn't necessarily mean that your website is poorly programmed or designed badly (although it usually does), it could just be that you need a serious SEO campaign to help it. Although, keep in mind that a good website typically has all the SEO basics done to it as part of the package.

View Website Source

If you view the source code of the website, you can determine if your website is pure trash, or is worth something. To do this, simply right-click on the webpage and select 'View Page Source' in firefox, or 'View Source' in Internet Explorer. You know your website is poorly designed if:

  • The source's first line is just <HTML>
  • The source is merely a dozen lines with some of them saying IFRAME
  • The HEAD tag doesn't contain a <TITLE> Tag at all
  • Everything is wrapped in <TABLE> tags that are wrapped in more <TABLE> tags which are wrapped in more <TABLE> tags, etc...
  • You cannot find any of the text content in the source that you can see on the website. (It means the text is actually images)
  • You can literally read the source as if it was content.
  • Every tag has a style="..." associated with it.
  • <BR />
    <BR />
    <BR />
    <BR />

Professional Website Designed for Search Engines

If you think that your website is piece of garbage, let us help you create a professional website that will increase your online presence and bring in FREE organic traffic. Pay-per-click can get expensive and a lot of times is not worth it because of the bidding wars between competitors. Our goal is to be sure that Google will find your website and send traffic to it without having to pay for it. We offer friendly SEO advice so that you can optimize your own site for search engines without having to pay anyone. We do not try to keep you as a 'locked-in' customer because we know when your business grows and your profits increase, you will be back with future website projects for us.