Don’t be fooled by an SEO guarantee...sorry

Feb 17, 2012

Where organic SEO is concerned, a cast iron guarantee is something that has never existed, nor will it. The reason behind it is Google are not about to give ANYBODY their search and page ranking algorithm, it's as hard to come by as the proverbial rocking horse 5#it!

An organic SEO guarantee cannot exist, so many online business owners and service providers tend to favor paid advertising (PPC) in an effort to tangibly track their advertising budget. This is a very expensive quick fix and not nearly as effective as organic SEO. Somewhat mundane industries are now paying over $35 per click. A $4000 budget can go in a couple of days.

If you come across an SEO agency that guarantees “page 1 on Google” in organic results, you should immediately run away. The unfortunate truth is that these types of agencies are putting your website and thereby your business at risk. These agencies have been known to try anything to enable them to trick search engines by using blackhat SEO tactics,these will inevitably be found out and severely punished by the search engines themselves.

Worst scenario is an email from your webmaster telling you your website has been De-indexed and is now in Google's supplemental index because of these unorthodox methods or Blackhat SEO. Don't be fooled into believing these guys, there is no quick fix your patience will pay off.

The best thing you can do is engage a reputable SEO agency that has it's focus on the long term and natural success of your website.