Is your logo design doing it's job?

Aug 23, 2012


If you don't know who you are, how are your customers supposed to?


World famous graphic designer Milton Glaser said, "Less isn't more; just enough is more." Knowing what's "just enough" is how a professional designer can be beneficial to your company.

A logo design is a combination of "just enough" text and graphics that creates visual identity and character for companies and organizations. Today, your logo is critical to defining your identity or brand among the millions of other companies that are all trying to achieve the same as you, world domination. Your logo symbolizes your product and business and needs to be perfect.

Potential customers will judge you by your logo. If your logo design projects the right image, you can convince them to pick you over your competition that may look less professional than you.

Some business owners say logos are a needless expense. They don't understand, nor can they justify, the cost of a logo design when starting their business. So they sacrifice quality and creativity to save a few dollars. This is why it is normally a client that has a modicum of success who will decide to start brand building. A professionally designed logo is a valuable asset and makes a far more effective statement about you and your company.

Custom logo designing involves effective visualization with collaboration from the client and only an experienced graphic design team can create the perfect result. Work with a professional designer who will meet with you personally, take the time to know your business, your personality, and know your goals and your target market. A good designer also knows how to design a logo that will work in all media.


What is the message you want to send about your company with your graphics? Scattered images, mismatched colors and conflicting fonts don't portray a very organized or professional company. Professional branding gives you the unique opportunity to stand out from the crowd and separate yourself from the competition.

You don't need to go through great lengths to get uniformity. Simple projects to complete include: business cards, letterheads, quotes, invoices, envelopes, brochures, catalogs, mailers, and websites as well as all of your social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. All of these projects need to be tied together so that consumers can visually recognize your company and know they are in the right place. At Jupiter SEO we specialize in linking all of your marketing materials together to work as one.