Maximizing SEO

Apr 23, 2012

How to get Maximum Impact from SEO.

As we are all aware increasing visibility for our businesses is extremely important. This requires multiple aspects; Twitter, Facebook, Google+, YouTube , or just plain and simple marketing, but in many ways it all seems to revert back to good old SEO.

Branding is the fundamental part of any business and SEO is the foundation on which all digital marketing is built.One way of using SEO is with you or your business's social media profiles. The ideal scenario is that by creating keyword and SEO friendly descriptions, each time someone tags your pages it will pull expressions that are related to you or your business. This link will be tagged with keywords, so in turn will promote your business's visibility.

Gone are the days of keyword stuffing or just creating content for search engines as these create a high bounce rate, and are deemed to not be Search Engine Friendly. On the other hand, by creating good compelling content that gets people sharing it, benefits you in the Social Media arena and helps SEO. Just remember when you are sitting there writing your content ,each page you write of compelling content will be one more page that search engines can find and could reference your site.

Recent activity on the Google algorithm front has meant that sometimes building links just for the sake of build links can really hurt your business. So you need to be smarter and use SEO tactics that help build relevant links that Search Engines and customers prefer. So don't go building links from your hair salon to a grocery shop, if it's not relevant and of no use, unless perhaps the grocer is Publix ;0)

The same commitment to creating good compelling content works when applied to local SEO. Local listings without SEO more likely than not will not bring in the right people if anyone. So again to make your local marketing a success, you need keywords which are appropriate to your business and your area or niche and add some good compelling content, not forgetting having a good Search Engine friendly website helps too.

You have to encompass all areas of SEO and marketing to reap the benefits, get one part right then move on to the next , don't dabble in this and that, do it correctly one step at a time and then SEO will benefit all areas of your marketing for a greater long term success.

As always should you need assistance Jupiter SEO are only too pleased to help you with your getting your businesses visible.