SEO Tip: Relevant Filenames help Organic SEO

May 10, 2012

Organic SEO Tip: Filenames

While analyzing our google analytics and webmaster tools data, we've come across quite an interesting SEO technique that can help influence organic traffic to your website. Believe it or not, the filenames of images are indexed by google. It appears that they have quite an impact on search results. If you have images throughout your webpages, it may be a good idea to name them in a manner that has relevancy to your content.

Organic Search Results

We have a file in our portfolio that has the name "BeautySalon_website.jpg" and google webmaster tools has indicated that there are 35 search terms relating to beauty salon leading to our portfolio page. Amazing to think that a single filename has yielded that many search terms relating to it. If you are wondering if the camel-casing has anything to do with the search term's success, we are unsure at this point but we'll find out!